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Behind there is a Finnish utility vehicle business called Lielahden Autokeskus Oy. We offer extensive utility vehicle and heavy equipment services under the same roof: from utility vehicle sales to spare parts supply and vehicle maintenance and repair.

Our expertise is in trucks, vans, work machines and other utility vehicles. We usually buy our vehicles from Germany and then sell them on to clients in Finland, or even abroad.

Our Story

Even entrepreneur Mikko Leppälahti’s father and grandfather were into trucks. Mikko´s father was also trading in the car business. While studying at technical institute to become a car technician, Mikko started his first car business in 1974 with his father and brother.

Mikko established Lielahden Autokeskus Oy in 1987. The company started as a local truck seller and repair depot.

Five years later the company changed their business idea. They started to resell utility vehicles in the Finnish transportation market which were slightly used and originating mainly from Central Europe. Also the repair and maintenance services were expanded.

Initial preparation of the trade is done online, but Mikko often personally checks the available vehicles on the spot. This is how we ensure that we know our product.

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Lielahti Office

Turvesuonkatu 16
33400 Tampere, Finland

Keuruu Office

Arimontie, Viikinlahti Business Park
42700 Keuruu, Finland
+ 358 400 644 448

Martti Taipale

Office Chief +358 400 644 448